Pediatricians don’t know squat

When you get [a pediatrician] in a debate [about vaccines]… they hardly will ever want to debate any of this. But if you could tie one to a chair and debate him, all they would talk about is one vaccine… “Well the adjuvant in one vaccine is really not that strong, it’s weaker than it used to be… “ and all this nonsense. And then you say, “Mr. pediatrician, what if I multiply that times six?” Now that child is getting six times as high a dose of just the adjuvant.

Some of these vaccines have three different antigens in them. So now we’e talking about dozens of immune stimulations—all in one sitting… in a tiny baby that’s already had his microglia primed. You get an enormous secretion of inflammatory cytokines and glutamate, powerfully. The child can die, SIDS, because remember the brain stem has the highest microglial concentration—that’s where your breathing apparatus and cardiovascular system is controlled. So they can suddenly die. They can scream… that called an encephalitic cry, when the brain becomes inflamed.

They scream and cry, and they can go on for weeks. [Meanwhile, the] pediatrician says, “I got this pamphlet from the Academy of Pediatrics that says that’s just because the shot hurt.” It’s two weeks later, does the shot still hurt? You know, I used to operate on babies. When you operate on a baby, they recover without any pain better than an adult. You know, our babies didn’t cry every day because they had a major neurosurgical operation. But the pediatrician thinks, well, I gave a shot and the baby’s crying two weeks later because the shot hurt. Nonsense.

— Russell Blaylock, MD, neurosurgeon


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