Polio is not a synonym for paralysis

“Less than 10% of the global population was actually vaccinated with the smallpox vaccine, and it was a virus that was dying out and becoming weaker over time… and when we introduced hygiene and refrigeration, that’s when smallpox started to go away. And then, of course, it morphed into this other type of virus called monkeypox, and so smallpox is still around… it’s just given a different name.

The same thing with polio. The epidemic of polio in [the United States] was well on its way out in 1954 when [President Eisenhower] released the polio vaccine, and we’ve seen nothing but travesty about that ever since. The only places in the world that still report any polio are places that are using the oral polio vaccine, which is a live virus.

The other thing is that polio is not a synonym for paralysis, and the vast majority of people don’t understand that 98% of people who actually were exposed to the polio virus, maybe even contracted the infection-caused polio, it was nothing more than looking like a stomach flu… it was some diarrhea, it was maybe a little bit of fever, and it just passed through that you maybe thought you had food poisoning, and then you had life-time immunity to this gastrointestinal virus.

But we’ve done such an amazingly good job of impregnating, multi-generationally, into peoples’ brains about iron lungs and little children with braces and people with deformed limbs… but that happened so infrequently in the big picture… that we have this horrifying terror of polio, when we really shouldn’t. I mean, we spend billions of dollars around the world to eliminate that virus. What if we would’ve spent those billions of dollars on potable water and refrigeration and better hygiene? What could we have done with that?”

— Sherri Tenpenny, DO


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