Autism and the dumbing down of a nation

“Is it just autism? No. Medicine shows you the worst cases first, and autism are the worst cases, But if you just shaved nine points off a child’s IQ, how long would it take to find that? Now, bear in mind they had to re-center the SAT scores, the SAT grades in this country twice in the last decade to get the same number of people that pass, and it’s predominantly boys that are failing in school.

So, we are, in effect, dumbing down a nation. It’s not just that there is an effect on autism, there is a much broader effect. And then you take that out to 2020, 2025, 2032, and you’ve got a population of boys that is deeply compromised to the point where you have no standing army, no police force, no economy. What happens then? That’s why it’s so important that people get the message now and act now to protect the future of this country.”

— Andrew Wakefield, MD


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