Memory cells are key to immunity, but there’s no test to measure them

“Vaccines are licensed based on their ability to produce specific antibodies to a particular pathogen. Antibodies are protein molecules produced in the lymphatic system as a result of the body being exposed to a pathogen. The antibody theory proposes that antibodies specific to a pathogen will attack the invading foreign protein (pathogen), thereby neutralizing its ability to produce the disease in the body.

Titers are a measurement of the quantity of a particular antibody circulating in the bloodstream. The antibody theory holds that a high titer count is supposed to tell us the person is immune to the disease while a low titer count would indicate that the person is still susceptible to the disease. Titers are usually expressed in a ratio that represents how many times the blood can be diluted until no antibodies are found. For example, if someone’s blood is diluted a thousand times, the point at which no antibodies to the particular antigen are found, then the titer count would be expressed as 1:1000.

The most important factor in a fully-effective immune response is general good health characterized by a clean bloodstream coupled with a nutrient-rich diet. Immunity to pathogens is dependent upon a complex response of the body’s cells which may—or may not—include the production of antibodies. A titer test typically measures only one aspect of the immune system’s response. Considered essential for viral disease immunity are memory cells for specific viruses. There is no test for qualitative measuring of these memory cells. Memory cells are what prompt the immune system to create antibodies that are dispatched to an infection associated with the pathogen it ‘remembers.’ Memory cells don’t need reminders in the form of re-vaccination to keep producing antibodies.

What ‘medical science’ considers an acceptable level of antibodies for determining “immunity” can be determined by taking an average titer level for individuals who have had the disease naturally. But it has been shown that individuals with high levels of particular antibodies can develop symptoms of the disease upon re-exposure to conditions that are the actual cause of the disease.”

— Vaccination Liberation


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