What a huge mess we’re making

“It takes so much work to get someone to even question the safety or the effectiveness of vaccines. They are the foundation of our modern medicine gospel, and to suggest that they are more harmful than good suggests that all medicine is bad, and it’s certainly not. So I’m working hard to get people to take the little baby steps of thought, the first signs that maybe, just maybe, we got it wrong.

Maybe 200 years ago, when rumor said you could catch a disease from cows and never get small pox again, maybe we should have listened to our instincts that said ‘No, that’s not right.’ Maybe with proper nutrition and sanitation vaccines wouldn’t be necessary at all. If I sound crazy, so did the quack physician 150 years ago who said draining your child’s blood in hopes of healing their disease might actually be harming them.

You think you’re smarter than that, but you would have reacted in horror at the thought of not bloodletting your sick child. We’re still learning. We’ll still be cleaning up the mess from our mistakes 100 years from now.”

— Forrest Maready


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