Hitting the 65% vaccination threshold means party time for pediatricians

“The average parent has neither the time nor the expertise to research and understand the issues surrounding vaccination and CDC mandates. It’s a very complex subject, and even most pediatricians don’t really understand it. They just follow the CDC guidelines and the Standards of Care given to them by their medical organizations. The fact that the media engages in censorship, misinformation and disinformation on this subject doesn’t help either.

My children and grandchildren are constantly harassed by their pediatricians to “bring the children up to date” on their vaccinations. I understand that many medical insurance companies give large bonuses to pediatricians for each child who successfully completes the CDC vaccine schedule by two years of age. However, to be eligible for this per-child bonus, about 65% percent of the children in the pediatric practice must complete the CDC schedule on time.

If the 65% threshold is not met by the pediatric practice, the doctor gets nothing. This could add up to hundreds-of-thousands of dollars a year in a busy pediatric practice. You can understand why many pediatricians refuse to serve parents who do not  vaccinate. Their bonuses come first.”

— Rabbi William Handler


One thought on “Hitting the 65% vaccination threshold means party time for pediatricians

  1. Why on earth would you take your children to a pediatrician for well checks if you choose not to vaccinate to begin with? Why not take them to a naturopath, a chiropractor, a nurse practitioner, ANYONE but a medical professional with so much investment in vaccinations?


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