They just don’t want anyone to know that the vaccine science is on our side

[Vaccination] during pregnancy leads to dopaminergic hyperfunction and cognitive impairment in the offspring, and may promote schizophrenia. — Journal of Biological Psychiatry

[Vaccination] during pregnancy was found to promote neurodevelopmental mental diseases, including but not limited to schizophrenia in the offspring. — Journal Brain Behavior and Immunity

Maternal immune activation alters fetal brain development, and may predispose children to schizophrenia and autism. — Journal of Neuroscience

Inflammation during a critical postnatal period causes a long-lasting increase in seizure susceptibility. — Journal of Neuroscience

Excessive vaccination during brain development may promote autism spectrum disorders. — Journal of Medical Veritas

Hepatitis B vaccine is associated with an increased risk of multiple sclerosis. — Journal of Neurology

Vaccination is associated with a rare autoimmune neurological condition transverse myelitis. — Journal of Lupus

Hepatitis B vaccination significantly increases the risk of a wide range of autoimmune diseases. — Journal of Autoimmunity

In the US the highest number of cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome are associated with influenza and hepatitis B vaccines. — Journal of Neuromuscular Disease

All these findings plausibly implicate Aluminum adjuvants in pediatric vaccines as causal factors contributing to increased rates of autism spectrum disorders in countries where multiple doses are almost universally administered. — Journal of Toxicology

Autistic disorder change point years are coincident with introduction of vaccines manufactured using human fetal cell lines, containing fetal and retroviral contaminants, into childhood vaccine regimens. Thus, rising autistic disorder prevalence is directly related to vaccines manufactured utilizing human fetal cells. — Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology

Note: This information is from a slide presentation by Dr. John Bergman, chiropractor.


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