Yeah, two fetal cell lines. But how ’bout all those other abortions?

“Paul Offit has said in media pieces about aborted fetal tissue, he says there were only two abortions used in the vaccines that we’re using today. There are two fetal cell lines—MRC-5 and WI-38that are involved in MMR and the varicella vaccines that we’re giving to our children, and the hepatitis A and shingles. But he’s being very dishonest when he says there were only two abortions, because he’s not talking about all the other abortions that happened before they settled on those two.

The manipulation and the lying that went into coercing women to abort their babies is a separate issue. He says that they were elective abortions and that they were not performed for the sole purpose of developing vaccines. However, the tissue has to be alive in order for the virus to be cultured on that tissue.

Dead tissue is no use to vaccine makers. So if these were abortions that would’ve happened anyway and they were not done for the sole purpose of developing vaccines, it’s pretty coincidental that they had scientists there waiting to collect the tissue so that they could whisk it off to the lab and the tissue still be viable. That just doesn’t make any sense.

There’s a, which is Children of God for Life, which is a website that has a lot of information about the original abortions that went into these vaccines. And what some of the information on that describes the abortions and the babies that were delivered, and it’s reported that in about 50 percent of the abortions that babies were actually alive when they were delivered, and they were then dissected immediately, without any anesthesia.

And it’s really important for people, particularly our religious leaders, to understand what we’re talking about. It’s not two abortions that were done a long time ago. This is an ongoing thing… and the manipulation and the greed that’s involved in this is extreme.

And there’s a whole other level of this. For those people who are not strongly pro-life and who don’t have a problem with abortion, and who believe that the good that comes from vaccines outweighs the issue when it comes to abortion, what happens after this is that these vaccines that are cultured on this aborted fetal tissue contain the DNA of those babies, and that DNA becomes fragmented in the process of developing the vaccines.

So we’re not talking about whole double strand DNA, we’re talking about fragments… bits and pieces, like little pieces of DNA. And that DNA, the smaller it is the more likely it is to incorporate into the nucleus of the cells of the vaccine recipient. … So those fragments are recombining, they’re inserting into the nucleus of the cells of children who are receiving these vaccines, and insertional mutagenesis is strongly associated with childhood cancers, especially lymphoma and leukemia.

And what do we have explosions of since we have been mass vaccinating children with live-virus vaccines? We’ve got explosions of childhood cancers. It’s also associated with autoimmunity  of all kinds, which makes sense. Autoimmunity is the body’s inability to differentiate between self and other, so it starts attacking  itself. What better way to induce autoimmunity than to inject the DNA of another human being into your body. It’s the body’s confusion.

… And we also have something called chimerism. In chimerism, they’re more likely to be infertile and, in a minimal amount of studies that have been done in humans, there’s some pretty compelling evidence that it also contributes to things like gender identity disorder. And gender identity disorder in teenagers is the number one cause of suicide in our children.

So kind of bringing that around to… you really cannot be pro-life and pro-vaccine. Your stance on this, and the stance that we need to be taking on this, is not just about abortion, it’s about what happens to our children and how it affects their lives.”

— Marcella Piper-Terry


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