Uh, yeah… I’m an anti-vaxxer. Duh.

“By now, everyone is familiar with the term ‘anti-vaxxer’. It is frequently used on the internet to describe some crazy, delusional whack job who is anti-science and a danger to society. These disgraceful humans are constantly spewing pseudo-science, and lie almost as much as a sleeping dog. Not only are they ignorantbecause, well, sciencebut they are usually persistent and tireless in their quest to dumb down the internet, and subsequently the entirety of humanity.

Eventually, they’ll all be weeded out by natural selection, finally succumbing to the diseases that they tried to so hard to say weren’t a big deadly deal. We can’t wait.

Didn’t your mom ever tell you that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet? Not to buy crap from mean people? She probably even told you not to trust the CDC, but you’d no doubt tuned her out by that point. So you bought the popular vernacular hook, line, and sinker. Even if you weren’t an A-hole about it, you still cringed when you thought of some little sick kid whose parents obviously didn’t love him enough to simply protect him from life-threatening diseases. Am I right?

But despite the vigorously repeated attempts to discredit ‘anti-vaxxers’ and write them off as societal nightmares, the anti-vax movement has never been bigger or stronger. More and more people are questioning vaccine safety, efficacy, and purpose, and it’s a message that is resonating more than ever. Lest some think that ‘anti-vaxxers’ never bring solid evidence to the table, I’d like to humbly point out that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Not only are thousands of parents coming out of the woodwork with their own injury stories, making it crystal clear that vaccine injury is neither rare nor unimportant, but there is SOLID scientific evidence that vaccination is potentially quite dangerous. It’s really not hard to find.”

— Matt Jonker


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