This is child sacrifice, and it’s immoral

“[With regard to the parents of vaccine injured children can do,] I know that they’re exhausted and having to just try to get through each day, and they are economically completely decimated. A lot of these insurance companies won’t cover their children’s injuries. I think, really and truly, it’s the witnessing… They have to stand up and talk about what happened to their children. And they have to demand that they are allowed to make their own vaccine choices, because pediatricians are saying that these children should continue to be vaccinated when we know that if you continue to give vaccines you could get a worse outcome with each round.

So, they’re going to have to fight for their children, as well as standing up and letting everybody know what happened to them. Just stay strong and believe, have faith that we’re going to be able to prevail here, no matter what’s thrown at us we’re going to be able to prevail, because these are our children and parents are not going to allow their children, and another generation, I pray, another generation of children is not going to be harmed. But it means that we have to have freedom, we have to have freedom of choice.

We cannot allow utilitarianism, which means some can be sacrificed for the rest, to continue to be the underpinning of public health law. And that’s really what we have here. We have an acceptable child sacrifice. You cannot whitewash it. It is child sacrifice to say that some children can be sacrificed for the rest, especially when they don’t know how many children are being sacrificed. That’s an immoral, it’s a pseudo-ethic, and that pseudo-ethic was discredited at the doctors’ trial in Nuremberg. And this country better start understanding what utilitarianism really is, because it should never underpin public health policy. It’s immoral.

So I would say it’s about education. This is about educating yourself so you can intelligently talk to your legislators. If you don’t understand the issues, you don’t know how to articulate them, your legislators aren’t going to listen to you. Even though you may tell them what happened to your child, they’re being told by lobbyists… these children are genetically defective, these children would’ve been injured even with no vaccination, why it only happens in one in a million shots. So they’ve got to do two things. They’ve got to witness and they’ve got to get educated so they can articulate the issue in the public forum and in front of their legislators.”

— Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)


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