Vaccines have given us the plague of our time that will forever alter humanity

“The vaccine choice issue is not going away. Pandora’s box has been opened and thanks to Dr. Thompson, the CDC Whistleblower, (and many others) the truth of vaccines has been freed and we mere parents will not stop speaking and sharing that truth.

The lid on the truth will never again be nailed shut in the name of ‘the science has spoken’ no matter how much those who profit from vaccines or whose campaigns are funded by vaccines wish it to be.

The truth from the science that hasn’t been allowed to speak is there for those brave enough to believe it. For those humble enough to do better because of learning it.  Vaccines maimed my son, and hundreds of thousands of other children. As inconvenient and bothersome as that truth is, it still remains the truth.

We’ve traded normal, acute, fully recoverable childhood ILLNESSES for chronic lifelong debilitating DISORDERS and DISEASES that are far worse than anything vaccinated against. Vaccines in the name of SIDS have murdered countless babies.

These normal febrile illnesses being vaccinated against are not the plague of our time that will wipe out humanity. The plague of adverse vaccine reactions and the destruction of our children’s brains is the plague of our time that IS and WILL forever alter humanity if we don’t stop it.”

— Michelle M. Guppy


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