Vaccines: Perhaps the most classic case of historical revisionism ever

“If you ask most doctors about infectious diseases in the 20th century they will tell you that vaccines eradicated them, end of story! This is a particularly touchy subject within the vaccine debate and when we look at the facts supporting this theory, it is actually more akin to a religious belief than scientific fact. Our health officials continue to tell the same scripted story, but the whole body of evidence suggests otherwise.

One of the ways this part of the debate has been stifled is that we are not even allowed to suggest that there may be other reasons diseases were eradicated, without being labeled a quack or kook. This is quite astonishing when you realize that the data for such an assertion is so weak and really tells a different story.

We have been taught since grade school to believe that vaccines saved us from infectious diseases in the 20th century. Even though there have been scores of credible doctors with dissenting opinions about the role vaccines played in the eradication of diseases from their inception, right up to the present, those voices are ignored and we are taught a different version of history.

The version of history that we are taught ignores empirical data and takes a more faith based approach involving agenda driven motives and dubious studies. Historical revisionism is not a new concept and scholars have been debating the interpretation of history since time immemorial. The difference we see in the vaccine industry is that there are powerful interests with a large stake in making sure the version of history that gets told is in line with their business model.

An important part of the strategy is that the population truly believe that vaccines saved us from disease because that is the foundation for the whole theory of vaccines. This strategy has been very effective and our false belief that vaccines saved many of us from certain death is the reason most of us don’t question the science behind vaccines. It’s a powerful message and we hear it over and over again because they can’t take a chance on us forgetting.”

— Vision Launch


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