Brian Deer was a hired hit man

“Brian Deer is a self professed independent investigative journalist. He is not independent, according to Age of Autism He has over a decade’s history of working for different vaccine industry front groups, both in America and Great Britain. And he doesn’t really investigate. It appears he fabricates.

Yet, he is the author of articles condemning the Wakefield Lancet 1998 paper, publishing in both the London Sunday Times and the British Medical Journal (BMJ) starting in 2004 and continuing into 2010. Brian Deer also filed a formal complaint to the GMC (General Medical Council), the group responsible for medical licensing in the UK.

Not one of the parents filed any complaints anywhere. They all praised the Wakefield/Walker-Smith team for the understanding and relief that medical team had provided. But they complained bitterly about being denied their testimony on the Wakefield/Walker-Smith team’s defense in the GMC hearings, which Brian Deer attended daily for several weeks.

The Lancet was compelled to publicly retract Wakefield’s paper. The GMC removed both Doctors Wakefield and Walker-Smith from medical practice in 2010. The BMJ and Brian Deer defend their lies to this day by accusing Wakefield of lying. Screaming sensationalism seems to get the mainstream media’s attention over calmly delivered facts.

… So how does one sociopath vaccine industry shill hack journalist manage to pull this off? He was supported by friends in high places. The pharmaceutical industry has hit lists, and apparently Brian is one of their hit men to stir up trouble with the help of vaccine industry supporting medical journals and public media publications. A lawyer in an Australian class action suit against Merck’s Vioxx spoke of threats from Merck to intimidate critics or cut off research funding.

The attorney read the following from a Merck internal memo: ‘We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live.’ There was also memo content that mentioned ‘neutralizing or discrediting’ doctors who spoke out against them. Merck is a major provider of MMR vaccines in the UK and USA.

High Court Judge Sir Nigel Davis wouldn’t permit parents who wanted to testify on Wakefield’s behalf. Nigel’s brother is a board member of the publishers of the Lancet who is also on the Board of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). GSK is a pharmaceutical giant also heavily involved in vaccine manufacturing.

GSK now has James Murdoch on its Board. He’s the son of Rupert Murdoch and editor of the Sunday Times. This was Deer’s first platform to launch attacks on Wakefield. The Murdoch family has strong financial interests with GSK.”

— P.F. Louis, Natural News


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