Measles used to be a joke, but now it’s dangerous again?

“How dangerous is measles? In the US, measles used to be dangerous and killed a lot of people. And by USED TO BE, I mean like a hundred years ago or more. The TREATMENTS we administered for measles back then probably accounted for many of the measles deaths. What did we do way back when your kid got measles? Take 10cc of blood from the parent (assuming they had caught measles before and had immunity), give 5cc to the kid in the right cheek, 5cc in the left cheek, cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Who cared what blood type the parent was? Because we really didn’t know much about it back then. But when the kid died, it was measles that killed him. Kind of like how cause of death will always say cancer, and never chemo. Anyway, because of improvements in medical care (thank you doctors, scientists and nurses and parents) 50 years ago, before there was a vaccine, measles had already become a joke.

(Scene from the Brady Bunch: “Boy this is the life isn’t it Yeah! If you have to get sick, you sure can’t beat the measles. That’s right! No medicine!”)

But if history has taught us anything, it’s that vaccines make diseases more dangerous. Before the vaccine, our mother took us to a chickenpox party in hopes of catching the disease. After the vaccine, you’re a baby-killer if you decide to skip that shot. Isn’t science amazing? So we have a measles vaccine, and that means measles is dangerous again.”

— Forrest Maready, My Incredible Opinion!


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