Many doctors and CDC employees do not adhere to the vaccine schedule

“I’ll tell you an industry-kept secret which is that a lot of doctors in America are choosing not to vaccinate their children on the current CDC schedule. Almost every doctor I’ve interviewed has chosen an alternative schedule for their children that is based on better health and better science. It’s a really well-kept secret that the people working at the CDC are also alternating the vaccine schedule for their own children.
And how do I know that? I know that because I’ve talked to them. … So here we have public health officials screaming from the rooftops that parents must do this vaccine schedule exactly, as it is put out by the CDC, while themselves and their families are choosing not to follow it.
Whenever I have a doctor who I talk to who says ‘I alternate the schedule,’ I say, ‘Would you share that, can I use your name?’ and they say ‘I don’t want to lose my job or I don’t want people to know or I’m choosing not to do these vaccines, because I know they’re not effective or I know they’re not necessary but you can’t let anybody know.'”
— Jennifer Margulis, PhD

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