Don’t be ashamed about being right on vaccines

“The one thing I would say to parents is don’t be ashamed about being right. We’re right, [vaccine injury] is happening, it is real. The people who are telling you that we can’t go back to the Dark Ages and [vaccine injury] has been scientifically misproven, they are utterly wrong, they are utterly misguided. I have written extensively about the science and about how little has actually been done. No, I mean… you’re right, you’re right.

And so when people say mean things to you, you can say, ‘I’m sorry, you’re an idiot, I’m sorry you don’t understand this, but I’m here to save as many kids as I can.’ We just need to share with more and more people and never be scared, because you are right and we’re telling the truth.

Why are we in this? I’ve never made a penny from autism. I’m in this because I’m trying to save the next kid and, honestly, on some level, it makes me feel better about my own son’s suffering to look at him and say, ‘Well, at least you’re helping some other kid avoid what you’re dealing with right now.’ It’s that simple.

… We forgive quickly. We forgive quickly, because we’re trying to save the next kid. So, whether it’s [a doctor who supports vaccination] or anybody else, anybody who wants to have a conversion will hear nothing negative from me ever again. We all go through layers of denial. It’s pretty hard to believe what’s actually happened to all these kids. It’s pretty hard to believe that people would knowingly do this.

It’s pretty hard to accept… and then once you fall down the rabbit hole or go behind the matrix, or whatever analogy you want to use, you know, if you’re ready to start helping, you have my forgiveness… ”

— J. B. Handley


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