Doctors mistakenly assume vaccine policies are based on valid evidence

“The question for me [with regard to vaccines] is not whether or not doctors have been bought but whether or not policy makers have been bought and that doctors have been sold. Medical doctors [, for the large part,] aren’t scientists, they don’t have a graduate degree in science where they’ve actually ever conducted research or even learned how to conduct research or how to read research.

So, medical doctors have devoted their lives to help people, no question… like all doctors in all the healthcare professions have, but they are not in a position to evaluate policy. They are in a position to implement it. And I think the public doesn’t understand the fact that there isn’t anyone between them and the policy.

And because we kind of trust our doctors to say, based on this individual patient, I am going to make a decision that’s best for this patient. But that’s not happening now, [doctors] are saying… based on policy, this is how I’m going to treat this patient. We’ve kind of almost taken the doctor out of it in many ways.

Now what happens is, I believe, that the medical doctors assume that those policies are being put into place based on valid evidence. And so they don’t question policy. And, in fact, you’d be in a very difficult position, if you’re a medical doctor, and you did question policy. And there are many examples of people who have and have been attacked.

So I think they (medical doctors) very rigorously not only implement policy but defend it with the talking points that they’re given from policy. So, where does the policy come from? Well, the policy comes from government. And where does the government get their data? The government gets their data from the people that make the drugs or the vaccines. And that, to me, is the biggest issue.”

— James Chestnut, DC


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