On vaccines, doctors are merely obedience trained

“Did you know that, when it comes to vaccines, physician training is nothing more than obedience training? Doctors aren’t taught the truth about what’s in vaccines. Many doctors don’t even know that vaccines still contain mercury. A lot of doctors don’t even know that thimerosal means mercury. Doctors are told that vaccines contain nothing but water or a saline type of solution and a weakened virus and nothing else.

The truth is that vaccines contain aluminum, MSG, mercury, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80… adjuvants, all types of chemicals, and also, of course, viruses that shouldn’t be there. Mysterious viruses, sometimes live viruses… they’re not always weakened, as they’re supposed to be.

The truth is that most doctors are never told anything about what’s really in vaccines, they’re just told to give those vaccines to children on this schedule. It’s an insistence by the med schools… you have to be indoctrinated into the vaccine mythology, which passes for medical training. But, again, it’s just obedience training.”

— Mike Adams, consumer health advocate and science lab director


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