Vaccination is dangerous precisely because it is not allowed to be questioned

“[Vaccination is] like a Platonian philosophical technique, it’s presupposition. If you presuppose it’s true you don’t even question it. I mean there is no question, it’s just, this is what you do. And you start to give babies starting six months old the flu shot. And you start to do this and you start to do that. It’s like it’s not even questionable anymore, and that’s where it becomes dangerous because the people who do question… they’re considered the outliers. They’re considered the dangerous ones. And now look what’s happening around the country.”  — Eric Zielinski, DC

“I know how the medical establishment is operating, in that doctors have to follow certain protocols. And if they were to understand that if they follow these protocols and they harm people, it would be very hard for them as humans to do that. So, the establishment is doing everything possible to prevent doctors from realizing that what they’re doing might be harmful. Therefore, you have these studies that seemingly deny what is obvious to the eye.”  — Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD (immunologist)


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