Autism IS viral encephalopathy

“[My son’s] medical diagnosis is viral encephalopathy. His brain scans show viral  encephalopathy. His blood work show NK (Natural Killer) cells—immunological markers of a cancer patient. That is what the vaccines did to him, and, yet, the industry and our country want to call it autism… when… it’s vaccine injury.

And the world needs to know. I’ve been trying to tell the world since I was 23 years old when it first happened.

We entered the national injury fund, and we were told because it was autism he wouldn’t qualify. And we’re still in the national vaccine injury fund to this day fighting to get the real diagnosis of viral encephalopathy, cause that’s what the vaccine did to my son’s brain. … It really sucks.

They don’t just destroy the child, they destroy the whole family. It destroys the mother… it’s like watching your child die in front of you. And you can’t help them. And you feel helpless. … And we can’t keep destroying a generation of children. Cause that’s what we’re doing.”

— Jamie Juarez Melillo


4 thoughts on “Autism IS viral encephalopathy

  1. Viral encephalopathy and Autism.. VACCINE INJURY! .. YES.
    My son had a live single Measles vaccine encephalopathy at 15 months, with the onset, a hour after his vaccine: a sudden severe disturbance of brain functions. A claim for vaccine neurological damage was filed and within 6 weeks, it was accepted through NZ’s Vaccine compensation scheme: ACC. Organic Brain Syndrome due to a measles vaccine encephalopathy encludes Autistic behaviours, seizures, personality change, muscle tone issues, learning and behavioural problems.


  2. My son was dx at 2 and is nearly 5… I’ve tried many interventions with little success and this is what I’m currently looking into. Makes sense to me.. my son is severe, not just a touch or Aspergers.. it’s infuriating to have doctors ignore us and still believe autism is not a medical issue. Stay strong, I stand with you xoxo


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