Every science is able to withstand challenges and every genuine science welcomes debate

“Most of the so-called science journalists in the media, they’re too stupid to do science so they get a job writing about it, but they don’t really have any original thoughts. So they, basically, just parrot press releases from the CDC or the drug companies. They’re, basically, regurgitation vessels for corporate science propaganda, because they couldn’t make it as scientists, but they’re kind of interested, they think it’s kind of cool. So they realize they can earn some money by sort of rephrasing the false ideas that are handed to them by someone else under the label of science, even though it’s false science.

You find this at The Washington Post, The New York Times. These are all failed intellectuals who couldn’t make it in the scientific community. They couldn’t conduct science. They really can’t even recognize science. They don’t understand the fundamentals of science or basic scientific ideas. But they are very good at parroting propaganda and delusional things like saying, oh, vaccines are not linked to autism. One of their favorite phrases is, ‘The science is settled.’

And what that means is that they’re not willing to entertain any evidence contradictory to the propaganda they’ve been handed by their corporate masters. That’s always a good one. The science has been settled means they’ve abandoned science, because every science is able to withstand challenges and ever genuine science welcomes debate. But to say that the science has been settled is usually followed by…  Therefore, don’t listen to these kooks who say vaccines cause autism. That’s just their way of saying… We, the high priests of vaccine holocaust pushers, they’re saying that they have a monopoly on knowledge.

In other words, they think that they’re gods. That’s exactly what it is. They’ve forgotten that they’re humans—that humans must conduct science with a sense of humility, really with a sense of awe and curiosity about the universe and the way nature works. In fact, all science, if you think about it, is, in effect, the study of the laws of nature and how to use those laws for expanding human understanding or improving human existence or gaining knowledge about the world around us, the universe around us… All of these things. Every branch of science is really just investigations into the laws of nature.

There isn’t a science that isn’t tied to nature. And so it takes a real arrogant prick to think that they know more than nature, that they have all the answers, and that nature doesn’t have any more surprises for them. THAT is a scientist that you should run from, because there is no human who even has the mental capacity to fathom even a tiny fraction of the mysteries of the universe, which include the mysteries of the universe inside your own body. Every cell in your body is, in essence, a universe still full of mystery.”

— Mike Adams, The Health Ranger


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