If the vaccines are so good, why are our children so sick?

“Public health officials and pediatricians cannot tell us why so many of our children are crowding special education classrooms, doctors offices and mental health facilities, and they are doing absolutely nothing to find out. They just repeat over and over again that this failing public health report card has absolutely nothing to do with atypically manipulating the immune systems of pregnant women with four vaccines given in any trimester and doing the same thing to children over and over again in the first six years of life, starting on the day of birth, with 49 vaccinations that contain genetically engineered viruses and bacteria and a cocktail of ingredients like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, phenoxyethanol, gluteraldehyde, proteins, synthetic particles, antibiotics, and human, animal and insect DNA and RNA, plus allowable amounts of adventitious agents.

Government health officials claim – but have failed to scientifically prove – that our children’s health is not affected by repeatedly hyperstimulating inflammatory responses with vaccines; or feeding them GMO and processed foods laced with pesticides, hormones and antibiotics; or giving them water contaminated with fluoride; or allowing dentists to put mercury fillings in their mouths; or giving them amphetamines, anti-depressants and other kinds of prescription drugs with side effects that include suicidal thoughts and violent behavior.

CDC officials and pediatricians cannot explain why, today, everybody either has a child or knows a child who was born healthy, then suddenly regressed physically, mentally and emotionally and joined the ranks of the walking wounded. They cannot tell us why so many children were once healthy, got vaccinated and were never healthy again. They refuse to do the good science to find out why the bodies of so many highly vaccinated children are on fire, riddled with chronic inflammation that is at the root of most brain and immune system disorders, including ADHD, epilepsy, allergies, asthma, autism, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, cancer, schizophrenia and depression.

It was not always this way in America. I grew up in the 1950’s and 60’s and remember when every child got measles, mumps and chickenpox before age 10, but there were no special education classrooms in public schools to house legions of learning disabled, autistic and emotionally disturbed children. I remember when it was the rare child who had asthma or diabetes and there was no need to store student supplies of Ritalin and Prozac in the school nurse’s office. I remember when we all brought peanut butter sandwiches in our lunch bags to school without being afraid it would kill one of our classmates.

The biggest public health emergency in America is not a few measles cases at Disneyland in a population of 320 million people, where less than one percent of all children are unvaccinated and 95 percent of them have gotten two measles shots and five pertussis shots, plus dozens of doses of other vaccines.

The real public health emergency in America is the one that is being covered up by government and industry working overtime with the mainstream media to distract, deceive, stonewall and restrict the freedom of Americans to take control of their health. Instead of doing everything they can to find out why so many children are so sick and disabled, industry and government are working together to eliminate our legal [right] to make voluntary vaccine choices and eat organic and choose chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, herbs, vitamins, natural supplements and other non-pharmaceutical options for healing and staying well.”

— Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)


6 thoughts on “If the vaccines are so good, why are our children so sick?

  1. Yet another intellectually reasoned and compassionate perspective from Barbara Loe Fisher…and as a child of the 40-50’s era, boy, can I relate to how it was primarily because we DID suffer through the symptoms of measles, mumps and chicken pox that we soon enough went on to never suffer them again. Needless to say, this was a time when there really was a reality of naturally-derived protection and life-long immunity.

    Otherwise, and while I do not know if this missing word can be added, but to really nail the points in final paragraph (see: third line up from bottom)…it should read “legal RIGHT (emphasis to clarify)…to make voluntary vaccine choices and eat organic…” etc.

    Many thanks to The Outliers for all the focused compilation you are providing for the Greater Good. It was only today that I thought to click on “me” and was astounded by all the earlier spot-on articles and poignantly matched photos which exquisitely support your premise…and wisdom. Do trust that these pearls are being shared and again, thank you so much.


  2. Any reasoned person can tell what’s going on,but stating it publically opens you up to ridicule and labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’….name calling and being labelled has never bothered me….we,humanity,is being attacked,a sustained attack on our health by the very rich & powerful, thats been actively supported,and protected by the very politicians political partys we vote for to protect us from harm….why would I come out with such a ridiculous statement you ask..? Easy,..it’s the only thing that makes any sense of the high rates of ill/sick children in our communitys,why we cant know if GMO’s are contained in the food we are about to eat or with the disturbing new laws about mandated vaccinations programs for everyone….this is’nt carring governments,they are our prison guards keeping us dumbed down via media & tv,that never tackle the issues we really want discussed,as we continue on blindly through the days weeks years until the poisons they deliver to us take affect….WE ARE ALL BEING DELIBERATELY POISONED …and its instigated by the fabled ‘shadow government’,that’s oh so real,and who believe they have the authority to drastically lower the world population to a level they feel would better afford them protection from us,..we are manipulated through everything we believe we are told to be based on fact,when the truth is,we are being corralled,like sheep,before the slaughter becomes noticeable enough for the majority to see and take action against it…..the biggest manipulation..? that’s easy….the lie that we live in a democracy and that both main political partys work in our best interests…..its time to wake up people,…we are no longer in Kansas. .!!!!


  3. It looks as if anti – vaxxers or most people who are wary of vaccines believes that what the industry (intentionally) put in vaccines is what is the big problem. Thimerosal (mercury), aluminum and other ingredients fronted to create all kinds of abnormalities. If you have a good case when they argue that the industry deliberately poisoning children and adults so they end up with all kinds of diseases ? Most cases of vaccine damage that vaccine skeptics claims is caused by the vaccine content, may be due to the mechanisms SASH presents evidence for. Has the industry and Astroturf’s managed to hold a debate on the epidemic of fungi – immune suppression from vaccines in chess? Will they continue through distractions and confusions from paid studies, surveys and experts in a blissful mix to confuse the picture so that the truth is still being unrecognizable?

    Unlike traditional vaccine skeptics are SASH is more concerned about what is not written in the leaflet, but as industry (involuntary) struggling to cope with due to vaccines. Vaccines which ends up contaminated with Mycoplasma / fungi and becomes injected into the bloodstream. SASH provide evidence for how vaccines can cause a variety of diseases. We are not afraid to mention a bunch of neurological disorders, cancer and potentially even brain damage.



  4. Yep she’s 100% right, I too was a child of the 50’s and 60’s – thank goodness we weren’t punctured and jabbed with toxin’s from the day of our birth, we had all the childhood diseases and got over them which were NO big deal and certainly NOT deadly, it was just a good excuse to get out of school for a week or two, there were NO autistic kids at school we didn’t even know they existed, because they didn’t and kids shared their food and drinks too. We had never heard of Sid’s back then either, I mean hell no healthy new born baby would just suddenly drop dead for NO reason, it just didn’t happen back then.
    So I decided not to vaccinate my 7 kids, who didn’t vaccinate my 10 grand children and my 2 gorgeous great grand children who were born at home were not vaccinated either – and all are normal and healthy – No Sid’s, No autism, No fatal allergies, No autoimmune disorders, No childhood cancers, No ADHD, No asthma … NOTHING wrong with any of them.

    When my 2 little grand daughters had caught whooping cough from a “fully vaccinated kid”, I was 45 years old at the time with a 4 week old baby, that the kids had been all over cuddling, coughing and kissing until we found out which was notified but my 4 week old baby did NOT get it because he was fully breast fed and I had had it as a child so even as an older mother my immunity still protected him and the girls got over it fine.
    Vaccines are killing natural immunity and kids.


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