A little food and water would be nice

“Are you kidding? We take vaccines so for granted in the United States. … They will walk 10 kilometers in the heat with their child and line up to get a vaccine because they have seen death. We’ve forgotten what measles deaths look like. We’ve forgotten … the scourges they used to be. But in Africa, the women know death in their children and they want their children to survive. … So I’d say to people in the United States: We’re incredibly lucky to have that technology, and we ought to take advantage of it.”

— Melinda Gates


Two things here. First, what African mothers (and all mothers from poor, underdeveloped countries) want for their children is food and clean water. Then they would like for the killing in their countries to stop. Then they would like their children to receive an education.

Mothers in Africa and poor countries will stand in line for days if they see foreign aid workers setting up shop for anything… in the hope that they might receive some food and water (and perhaps a little shade from the Sun), in addition to whatever else is being doled out.

Secondly, vaccines are not “technology.” They are concoctions of live or inactivated viruses mixed in with animal or human cell tissue (and the accompanying foreign DNA fragments and unfiltered contaminants) and a wide variety of neurotoxins.

— Marco Cáceres


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