A possible 5.9 million vaccine injuries in America each year?

“We looked into the eyes [of representatives of the National Institutes of Health]… —staring right into their eyes, and they had no response to the lack of safety testing, to the fact that they don’t have a surveillance system—their own surveillance system that we’re talking about, capturing vaccine adverse events, is in their own words, unreliable, because it only captures less than 1% of the total injuries which I have talked about over and over again… 59,711 reported injuries in 2016. So, if we’re to take HHS’ word for it, people we were sitting across the table from, that means there could have been 5.9 million vaccine injuries in America in one year alone. Does that mean the 432 deaths that were reported become 43,200 deaths?”
— Del Bigtree

4 thoughts on “A possible 5.9 million vaccine injuries in America each year?

  1. The vax industry and the anti-vaxxed group base their knowledge on experience and ‘scientific knowledge’ and using statistics based on 2 components, children and vaccines. The problem is, that we don’t have a solid baseline determination of the children, if they carry the ApoE4 blood-subtype, which Boyd Haley determined as mercury-sensitivity indicator , for example. Other kids can be Aluminum-sensitive or Formaldehyde-sensitive or to all other adjuvants in different vaccines. The genetic predisposition, that a kid becomes Autistic or ADS or Psoriasis, etc. is elicited by the disturbance of the order of the system. So each child is different ! Secondly, each vaccine differs from charge to charge, which is not being considered !
    We have no studies that show, that the dangerous part is the viral part of the vaccine or the adjuvants or the combination ! As long as we don’t know this, we are going to argue back and forth with the same parameters and it is the case, that not all have the same problem. I go with my little sensitive patients to a pediatrician and test with auriculomedicine methods, if this charge of the vaccine to be used does not carry the chemical element, in trace amounts, the patient is sensitive to.


      1. I agree that far too little is known about vaccines and their effect on the human body and how and why individuals react differently, but as I see it, the first problem to overcome is to get a lot more people to accept that vaccines can and do cause harm and death, because there are far too many who still believe the official mantra that vaccines are 100% safe and cannot cause harm of any kind.


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